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For all of you who don’t know what Moo Cards are, this post is for you.  Moo is company based out of the UK that prints mini cards, stickers, postcards, note cards and greeting cards.  Their personalized products are beautifully crafted and very unique.  The mini cards are my favorite product from Moo.  You can upload your own photos from flickr or even those drunk ones off of your Facebook photo album to print on your moo cards.  If you’re too lazy or find that your photography skills are lacking, there are many ready-made designs from artists and graphic designers that are eclectic and fun that you can choose from.  Unless you like blurry photos — hey, that’s cool too!

Taken by: Andy McMillan

Taken by: sensesmaybenumbed

You have unlimited options and styles to choose from.  Perhaps the coolest thing about Moo, is that in one deck of moo cards, you can have 100 different designs if you choose.  That’s right, you’re not limited to one design per stack you order.  In the age of social networking I think it is imperative to have a professional business card and a personal “calling card” of sorts.  It is a great way to link your e-mail, blogs and social media bookmarks onto a personalized card (that happens to be way too artsy for anyone to purposefully throw away).

Taken by: Vanessa Park-Russell

There are so many cool uses for moo cards.  I was able to find a great sample of the unique way moo cards have been used beyond the traditional “personal business card.”  See links posted below.  I hope this inspires you to get your own card circulating out there and have some fun designing yet another extension of yourself.  Next time we meet up, we can all trade moo cards!


moo card designs

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  1. David Dutton, Jr. Says:

    Thanks for sharing about the Moo cards. I had never heard of them before but they seem very cool.

    I LOVE photo cards as well.I send tons of them for business and personal.My clients will keep them on their desks forever because it is a greeting card with their picture on it.

    Starting A Greeting Card Business

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  • David Dutton, Jr.: Thanks for sharing about the Moo cards. I had never heard of them before but they seem very cool....
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