Wine & Food: Divorced?

April Apr 06 10:10 am CDT

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A recent New York Times article on the split of wine from food had me thinking. A significant percentage of wine in the United States is not drunk during a meal, according to a new consumer survey. Has there truly been a separation of enjoying wine with food? What happened to wine pairing? Do cheeses and truffles play a part anymore? My mind is spinning and I haven’t even had anything to drink!

The more important question is: how does this change wine-making? Does the industry start making and blending wine for a palette that doesn’t have any food with their glass of vino? One good thing I take away from this article is that the number of wine drinkers has gone up. It is good to see that wine has become more accessible to a larger audience over the last few years. Hopefully, with the influx of wine bars, proprietors in the wine industry continue to strike a balance with different ways that wine can be enjoyed. In my hearts of hearts, I believe that wine and food should stand together. Maybe not necessarily full-on meals but definitely snacks, cheeses, chocolates, nuts, etc.  You can try to separate wine and food but ultimately the two will always have a symbiotic relationship.  To me, wine just tastes “better” paired with a complimenting bite of food.  If anything, wine, when paired with an hor d’ourve, can bring out many more dimensions and notes to the experience than on its own.  Sure, good wine can stand alone…but it sure is a lonely world out there.

NYT:  Wine Divorced From Food

The New York Times

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