Summer in Texas

May May 17 08:57 am CDT

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It’s that time of year again.  Summer in Texas.  Pool parties, bbq’s, cold beer, and sun (lots of it).  I wear SPF each and every day.  I’ve done so since middle school.  So yes, I’m slightly neurotic about it.  In the wintertime, I stick with a SPF 25.  Come summer, I like to boost it up a bit for additional protection.  Protecting your skin by wearing an SPF will keep your skin healthier, wrinkle-free, less prone to skin cancer.  Here are the three sunscreens always in my rotation:

1)  Shady Wipes SPF 30:  Great for outdoors, non-sticky, pleasant smell, and convenient packaging.  I always carry some whenever I’m outdoors biking, golfing or before jumping in the pool.

2)  Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40:  A great daily protector for skin.  It is light-weight and completely absorbs in a few seconds after application.  It can be worn over moisturizer.  I love that it also protects the skin against pollution and other free radicals.

3)  bareMinerals SPF 30:  A mineral-based natural sunscreen.  It comes in a very convenient and clean packaging — totally portable and fits conveniently in your handbag.  Just buff and go.  This is my go-to sunscreen when I have mineral make-up applied on my face.  You can barely feel it on and it contains a aloe vera and other vitamins to treat your face.  Best thing, you can reapply throughout the day over your make-up.

Shady Wipes1

Clarins UV Plus 2     bareminerals spf 303

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